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We offer best-of-breed digital supply chain integration, alongside dynamic marketing and promotion. Its flexible platform enables clients to vary services across different DSP’s so that they can develop their catalog management, distribution, marketing, licensing and royalty accounting activity as their needs evolve. Connected to over 60 digital service providers worldwide, SOUTHWEST DIGITAL’s platform manages close to 10000 tracks, with currently over 300 tracks a week.

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SOUTHWEST DIGITAL platform is the number one choice for some of the countries top independent labels, management companies and artists, including SPM Records, Blacksmoke Records, Knotch, VIP, Rah, JGE Retro, Mystikal, Lazy & Zaae and more.

Mission Statement

Southwest Digital is always working to improve our systems to provide the best services to our clients. We are constantly working on new apps for creators to gain public relations for their brand, as well as guides to help those new to the industry. We are a full service independent distributor giving independent artist the opportunity to stream and sell their music. We build trusting relationships by offering real help and guidance. We value our clients and will continue to innovate to make their experience even better with us.

About Us

Southwest Digital was formed by Robert Guillerman.  As the original owner of Southwest Wholesale,  Robert was able to hold his own as was one of the top distributors/wholesalers in the country.  As new technology paved its way into the music industry, Robert and his team took a step back and watched the new model of music grow, Now with a new team of technical advisers and team of creatives Southwest Digital is back paving a new way for independent artist to have success in the music industry. Southwest Digital services indie content creators, specializing in the ‘back-end’ of music distribution. Currently, Southwest Digital is the complete package containing 60+ direct agreements, a mobile app, and free tools to help our clients stay organized and on top. We pride ourselves on having the best quality controlled catalog and the most outstanding customer service in the music industry.

Our Approach

Our approach is simple. Southwest Digital helps our clients increase their fan base using our web app, Tunebula. We fully educate our users on how to use Tunebula, provide tips and tricks on how to blog effectively, and promote their release. Each client receives their own ‘CMS’ to distribute their releases to retailers. Businesses that already have followers benefit from our system as well. Established businesses are able to run their own delivery platform on our XML feed. We offer the same tools to businesses so they can begin directing their own creators to success. Be guided by real people who have a true passion to see you grow.

Southwest™ Digital delivers to most of the streaming platforms and retailers with direct agreements to over 60+ digital service providers.

Southwest™ Digital delivers to most of the streaming platforms and retailers with direct agreements to over 60+ digital service providers.