About Us——————————————————————

For content owners, record labels, and distributors, Southwest Digital offers a complete ecosystem for the digital music cycle that optimizes your business processes. With headquarters in Houston and Los Angeles, we manage thousands of tracks with superb digital supply chain integration and dynamic marketing and promotion.

100% Market Reach——————————————————————

Southwest Digital’s flexible platform enables our clients to deliver their music and videos to DSPs around the world, including direct deals and aggregated deals within the same delivery workflow. Develop your distribution, marketing, catalogue management, and royalty accounting activity as your needs evolve.


  • Retail Marketing

    Our aim is to align our marketing efforts with the over- all marketing strategy for the releases we promote.

  • Trends & Accounting

    Our trends module provides you with sales and streams on a daily basis giving you an overview of how your releases are performing

  • Youtube Monetization

    Start monetizing your content on Youtube in the same easy workflow as distributing your releases to other digital services.

  • Audio Video Supply Chain

    Efficiently package and deliver your video content from our centralized platform.

  • Neighboring Rights

    We have experts in house with extensive knowledge who have decades of experience in NR collections.